Este foro es para los propietarios y residentes que participan en las actividades VECINOS VIGILANTES.

This forum is for those owners and residents participating in the WATCHFUL NEIGHBORS activities.
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Letrero El Centinela descolorido reemplazado.
20160308_091109_Richtone(HDR).jpg (712.49 KiB) Visto 3818 veces
Leslie "Marco" Lieurance, VP
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Maricia Miller
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Re: Letrero

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Gracias AGAIN for the effort and time to find and replace the faded signs. :D

I have been unable to attend the last few meetings because we were travelling.
Is there a "mechanism" for contributing to the "kitty"? For those of us interested in ensuring this work continues, perhaps a suggestion can be made of
small contributions, either at the meetings (though we know deadbeats do not attend in any event) or some other way.

We thank you all on behalf of our Community for your VOLUNTEER efforts.