A welcome update from Rob and VV support

Este foro es para los propietarios y residentes que participan en las actividades VECINOS VIGILANTES.

This forum is for those owners and residents participating in the WATCHFUL NEIGHBORS activities.
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A welcome update from Rob and VV support

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The note below was posted by Rob Shirley to the VV Facebook group. We invite all those interested in security for Los Altos de Cerro Azul to join us at:
Vecinos Vigilantes

Rob is a strong presence on the mountain and we are all tickled to see him back "makin´the rounds" on his trusty moto.

And although Rob won't be making our meetings, the next one on the 23rd of August will celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Watch this space for an upcoming announcement of the party for where and when.

Best regards,

Leslie "Marco" Lieurance, VP
Vecinos Vigilantes

Hello- everyone.

I'm happy to say "I'm alive & back to normal after a bad medical event" I'm 74 and enjoy our community very much. This group is a blessing to everyone. Please encourage all your neighbors to join.

Like many of our neighbors, I do not care for meetings, but It is very important to support the group --both by donating $ and supporting all the functions they sponsor. Because of our leaders, we have developed a good relationship with the police dept. This is of utmost importance because of our security.

As our community grows--we will continue to be targets of crime. Everyone outside of Altos knows that we are a community of "better than average"
income level. We have things that others would love to have. Let us continue to be vigilant & watchful . Report ALL unusual movement
to the security & office. Check back with them to see if they made a written report. It doesn't do any harm. Better be safe.

I would like to remind you also to use your car alarm. Keep you key by your bed. Any unusual noise outside---push your security alarm button.

You will still see me making my rounds on my moto. I just love to ride around & see neighbors & enjoy what this place has to offer.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Rob Shirley
El Centinela
Leslie "Marco" Lieurance, VP
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Re: A welcome update from Rob and VV support

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Cuando vimos a Rob muy galano por el Club, nos sentimos contentos y poder saludarlo fue una oportunidad muy agradable. Siempre en el camino de la esperanza damos gracias por las bendiciones que reciben los vecinos, amigos y familiares.
Iris Quintero de Simons - Altos del Frente, No. 89
Maricia Miller
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Re: A welcome update from Rob and VV support

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Welcome back Rob!!!
So happy to hear that you are once more a visible presence amongst your neighbors ... :P
While we are not back in Panama for another few months, we agree with you about the need to be VIGILENT and with that in mind, we want to congratulate VECINOS VIGILANTES on the second year in operation! :D We are grateful to everyone involved for their hard work, which has included the much-needed contact and good relationship with the police... We do not take that for granted!

Google translation... :?
Bienvenido de nuevo Rob !!!
Así que feliz de saber que usted es una vez más una presencia visible entre sus vecinos ...: P
Si bien no estamos de vuelta en Panamá durante algunos meses , estamos de acuerdo con usted acerca de la necesidad de ser vigilent y con eso en mente, queremos felicitar VECINOS VIGILANTES en el segundo año de funcionamiento ! : D Estamos muy agradecidos a todos los involucrados por su arduo trabajo , que ha incluido el contacto muy necesario y la buena relación con la policía ... Nosotros no tomamos por sentado !